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Morals Conveyed

The Brilliant Bob books will teach young boys to appreciate positive morals and traits that will add greatly to their life journeys. Male role models—such as fathers and grandfathers, older brothers, or teachers—are encouraged to read these books to the young boys in their lives, reinforcing the positive impact these traits have had on their masculinity. Among other things, young boys will learn about the following positive attributes:

  • Adaptability & flexibility

  • Bonding & social cohesion

  • Bravery & courage

  • Confidence

  • Discipline & delayed gratification

  • Fairness & empathy

  • Importance of health & wellbeing

  • Losing graciously & celebrating others' success

  • Optimism

  • Persistence & Tenacity

  • Reliability

  • Responsibility to self & others

  • Sense of identity as a male

  • Self-awareness, self-respect, & self-esteem

  • Stoicism (control of emotions and actions)

  • Teamwork

  • Willingness to take calculated risks

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