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Brilliant Bob Books

Available in Paperback and Hardback

Book 1 Brilliant Bob is Brave 3D_v4.jpg

Book 1. Monday

“Brilliant Bob is Brave” 

Book 3 Brilliant Bob is Strong 3D Cover.

Book 3. Wednesday

“Brilliant Bob is Strong” 

Book 5 Brillian Bob Takes a Risk 3D Cove

Book 5. Friday

“Brilliant Bob Takes a Risk” 

Book 2 Brilliant Bob is Competitive 3D_v

Book 2. Tuesday

“Brilliant Bob is Competitive” 

Book 4 Brilliant Bob is Curious 3D Cover

Book 4. Thursday

“Brilliant Bob is Curious” 

Book 6 Brilliant Bob is Stoic 3D Cover.j

Book 6. Saturday

“Brilliant Bob is Stoic” 

Book 7 Brilliant Bob is Persistent 3D Co

Book 7. Sunday

“Brilliant Bob is Persistent” 

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