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Meet the Characters

Brilliant Bob

Brilliant Bob Riding Bike
Brilliant Bob Space
Brilliant Bob Swimming

Brilliant Bob is 'brilliant' because he wants to be strong and brave—physically and mentally.

Brilliant Bob loves to exercise and play in ways that build strength and mental stamina. He knows that consistently developing and practicing mental and physical strength is key to achieving personal success and happiness in life.

Bob knows that his overall wellbeing depends on his mental and physical strength. That’s why he never lets his health take a backseat to anything else. And he doesn't want you to miss out either. Be brilliant and get strong with Bob!

Dazzling Dave

Dazzling Dave
Dazzling Dave Football
Dazzling Dave Sport

Dazzling Dave is special because he wants to throw things the furthest, with awesome style and excellent form.

Dazzling Dave is very good at throwing the football and baseball. Dave also loves throwing the javelin, shotput, and discus for his school's track and field team. He enjoys throwing a Frisbee for fun with his friends. He throws everything very, very far. He wants to be the best!

Dazzling Dave knows that this is not as easy as it sounds and that it takes many great habits and traits to reach his goals. Dave knows he must learn patience and persistence, practice hard, and get enough sleep and healthy food.

Join Dazzling Dave in his quest to throw things far, learning about tenacity and hard work along the way.

Genuine George

Genuine George
Genuine George Football
Genuine George Medal

Genuine George is special because he wants to be smart and fast.

Genuine George knows that intelligence isn't just about doing well in school, but that it's about stimulating his brain, being able to solve problems on his own and with others, and being able to learn new things. To do this, Genuine George knows he has to keep an open, flexible, and adaptable mind, full of curiosity.

To be fast, George must eat and sleep well, practice running and build strength to increase his speed. He also needs confidence and bravery to compete against other kids in various competitions.

Genuine George wants to show you how to be smart and fast too. 

Superboy Sam

Superboy Sam
Superboy Sam Football
Superboy Sam Medal

Superboy Sam is super and special because he wants to be an athlete—strong, agile, and fast.

To be the best athlete, Superboy Sam must try all the sports and practice the skills he needs to gain speed, power, flexibility, and overall athleticism.

In order to be the best all-around athlete he can be, Superboy Sam knows he must stay strong and fit, practice, eat and sleep well, be social and confident, and learn to be a team player and get along with others. Sam learns that he must have great discipline, resilience, mental toughness, and a positive outlook.

Superboy Sam wants to inspire you to reach your goals and dreams too.

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